Premium CrossFit experience on your doorstep

Gold Box Fitness, owned by Almed Retail, have two amazing fitness facilities in Al Quoz and Bay Square. Both locations has been carefully selected in terms of accessibility and availability of parking.

Our mission is to stay committed to helping members of all fitness levels succeed in achieving their fitness goals. We reward our members with the best coaching in the Region and provide them with the best designed, equipped and maintained facilities. We dedicate ourselves to constantly evolving and improving to ensure we stay true to our promise.

Our vision is to be the leader in the CrossFit segment of the Fitness Industry. We will strategically expand across the MENA region and become the most recognized CrossFit Brand in the Middle East and set the standard for all other CrossFit boxes to follow. We will offer the most comprehensive and best coached classes within world class facilities at a cost that is affordable to the majority of prospective members.

We understand that once you’ve tasted the CrossFit life, it can consume you – in the best possible way! You’ll want to work out, hang out and lean out as often as possible, which is why we wanted to make access as convenient as possible. Every location is carefully considered, designed to house state-of-the-art equipment and fitness technology, and staffed with internationally recognized CrossFit Coaches.

Largest variety of Crossfit classes

GoldBox Fitness provides the widest variety of CrossFit products and classes available in the UAE – led by certified, best in class coaches. The environment we’ve designed is not just for the CrossFit Elite, but for everyone who wants to look and feel better, and tackle life with more energy and vitality. Anyone who wants to feel part of a community of like-minded folk – no matter what their current level of fitness is.

New to CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, and include the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. We welcome anyone to try CrossFit for the first time – young and old, fit or flabby.

First you will be introduced to its principles in our Fundamentals Class. Here we will take you through the basic movements, assist with your posture and help you better understand Crossfit terminology and programming. We offer both group and one-on-one coaching options.

Become part of the GoldBox brand

When you become a member of Gold Box Fitness, you gain access to the inner circle. You won’t be limited to the number of classes or locations you can visit, and you get exclusive access to members’ only perks. It’s a luxury CrossFit experience all the way.

Always innovating, always evolving

GoldBox Fitness is committed to offering the best – not only in the UAE but in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering top class CrossFit experts, including coaches, managers, and specialists. Even though you might find more affordable options out there, we give you access to multiple world-class facilities, the option to train with your partner or friends in the mixed area, or to train on your own in the ladies only area.

With GoldBox Fitness you can expect continuous engagement, internal CrossFit Challenges, MyZone Challenges and group participation in local competitions such as the Spartan Race. These are all optional forms of participation for you to test your new found strength and endurance.