In your first week, we will teach you the basics of CrossFit’s fundamental movements. We break these into three different days and each day teaches a different progression covering the nine fundamental lifts in CrossFit: the squat, front squat and overhead squat (all covered in day 1); press, push press and push jerk, (covered on day 2); deadlift, sumo deadlift high-pull and clean (covered on day 3).

Following the instructional portion of each fundamental class you will go through a MetCon (metabolic conditioning, the bread and butter of what we do). Each day we will tackle a different style of workout: a chipper, an AMRAP or time priority workout, and a task priority workout.

In addition to teaching the fundamental lifts and introducing members to the various types of workouts we participate in, we also provide some introduction to equipment used and orientation of the gym.

After Fundamentals

What we tend to see is that our new members will first start to feel better moving through workouts and then they will start to see physical changes. As much as we would like to say, “join CrossFit and lose 5 lbs in your first week!”, we can’t make such claims. What we can promise is that with patience, dedication and consistency, we can help you change your life permanently and for the better. A big part of this is finding a workout routine that works for you.

Workout Routine

Once you’ve completed your fundamentals, you will be able to attend any class on our schedule. Dependent on your physical fitness level, you will train 3-6 times a week in small group classes coached by our world-class instructors. Classes will start with an instructed warm-up, then either skill or strength and move into the WOD (Workout Of the Day).

After class coaches will walk you through a cool down stretch or roll out session to conclude the class. Classes are 1 hour long – please arrive 10 minutes prior to class time.

Crossfit’s methodology preaches a three days on, one day off workout schedule. Our suggestion for you – especially as you are getting started – is to listen to your body and find a regime that works for you. Initially it may just be every other day.

We generally encourage you to try working out two days in a row and then decide if you feel like you need to take a rest day. If so rest a day and then return for two more days in a row. If you feel good on day three, come in and work out and then rest on the fourth day – then come back in for two days. This however is just a suggestion. We have some members who over time find that working out M-F and resting on the weekend is their best approach. Bottom line is, we all operate on different schedules, so find the best combinations of work and rest days for you. Once you’ve found a routine that works try to stick to it, and enjoy the results that follow!