What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement at high intensity. Okay, you’ve heard that before but what does that mean?

Constantly varied means that every single day you visit GoldBox, we’ll have a different workout program for you that will challenge you in different ways. That means different movements, different time domains and different fitness modalities (cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics, etc).

Functional movements

These are movements ingrained in our DNA. Squats, deadlifts, pressing overhead, pulling ourselves over objects, jumping, running and rowing – these movements are complex in that they use multiple muscle groups at the same time. Our focus is on moving the right way as opposed to isolating specific muscles.

High Intensity

This is where the magic happens. Adding the intensity piece is the game changer. Not only are we doing strengthening movements, but we are constantly moving from one movement to another, with little to no rest in between. So you can squat 400 lbs., that’s awesome! Now can you front squat 185 lbs? 10 times after running 400 meters and then do 15 pull-ups and repeat that 5 times?

No longer are we just building strength but we are also improving our cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Say hello to a whole new ball game – one where muscles will hurt that you didn’t even know you had.

CrossFit Community

When members of other CrossFits around the world visit our box we always ask them what their favorite aspect of CrossFit is. By far the most common response is, “the community.” The CrossFit community is in a word awesome. You can visit any box anywhere on earth and be welcomed by coaches and members as one of their own.

CrossFit is welcoming and uplifting. We are all trying to get better, feel healthier and be happier. We try to share that enthusiasm with one another, and help out wherever we can. We take part in competitions, events, charities, socials, nutritional challenges… You name it, we will probably do it with other members.

Actually, members become like a second family. As life pulls people further and further into technology and away from personal interaction, CrossFit brings people together in a positive and healthy pursuit. And we have a ton of fun in the process.

CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games season starts every year in February with the CrossFit Open. This is a 5-week open competition, where each week any CrossFitter has a chance to complete a set workout and have their score on both a regional and worldwide level.

Each week there is a new workout and after the conclusion of the 5-week period, the top 48 individuals and top 30 teams qualify for regionals. The CrossFit Regionals are weekend long competitions in 17 different regions around the world where those who qualified in the open compete in several workouts.

The top three men, women, and teams of each region make it to the CrossFit Games – a week-long test of both physical fitness and mental toughness designed to determine who are the fittest man, woman and teams on Earth.

The open is designed to be inclusive for everyone and we encourage all of our members to participate as it is a very fun and rewarding experience. It tests your fitness level and is a great way to measure your growth as an athlete. Thousands of athletes participate in the CrossFit Games.

At GoldBox, we incorporate the Open workouts into our classes so members get a chance to experience it with one another – which further builds camaraderie within our community. This is a very exciting time of year as we always witness members push themselves to accomplish personal bests and physical feats they never imagined possible.