What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is “Constantly Varied Functional Movements performed at High Intensity.

Constantly Varied” means that every single day you visit CrossFit GoldBox, we’ll have a different workout program for you that will challenge you in a different way. We do this via progressive real time programming of movements, time domains and fitness modalities (cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics, etc).

“Functional Movements” are movements ingrained in our DNA; Squats, deadlifts, pressing overhead, pulling ourselves over objects, jumping, running and rowing. Also known as complex movements, they use multiple muscle groups at the same time. Our focus is on moving in the right way as opposed to isolating specific muscles.

“High Intensity” This is where the magic happens. By combining high intensity with strengthening movements, No longer are we just building strength but we are also improving our cardiovascular and muscular endurance simultaneously.

CrossFit Community

By far the most exciting and important aspect of CrossFit GoldBox is our “Community.” The Global CrossFit community is in a word awesome. You can visit any box anywhere on earth and be welcomed by coaches and members as one of their own.

Our community, works on five principles;

  1. Interactive Class Environments

  2. Sharing & Caring for one another

  3. Social Events

  4. Celebrating Success

  5. Events & Competitions



The CrossFit Games are the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth™. They are world-renowned as a grueling test for the toughest athletes on Earth as well as a thrilling experience for spectators. Since its inception in 2007, the CrossFit Games have become “one of the fastest growing sports in America,” according to Forbes.


The Games were created to fill a void—no other true test of fitness existed. From Ironman triathlons to the NFL, all other athletic events neglected to accurately test fitness.

The CrossFit Games events are made up of a broad range of functional movements. Functional movements move large loads, long distances, quickly. These movements also form the basis of our exercise program. Make no mistake—the CrossFit Games are designed to test, not train, fitness. The goal is to find the fittest athletes, not to produce an easily replicable workout program.


Athletes may qualify for the Games through the worldwide Open or the Age Group Online Qualifier. Top athletes and teams from Sanctionals™ also earn invitations.


During this five-week, five-workout competition, workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores. Anyone who’s at least 14 years old can sign up and join in the first stage of the CrossFit Games season.

The Open provides two ways to qualify for the CrossFit Games. The top man and woman from each country (based on country of citizenship) with at least one affiliate in good standing will be crowned a National Champion and earn a spot to the Games. Along with National Champions, the top 20 men and women worldwide also will qualify automatically for the Games.


Sanctionals are independently owned and operated (and CrossFit-licensed) fitness competitions that offer another pathway for top men, women, and team competitors to receive invitations to compete at the CrossFit Games. Sanctionals expand the opportunities available to CrossFit competitors around the globe and each event emerged from the CrossFit affiliate community.

Fifteen Sanctionals events will take place prior to this year’s Games, with more already announced for the 2020 season. Winners of Sanctionals events do not have to compete in the Open in order to maintain their spot at the Games but are incentivized to participate because it will improve their seeding at the Games.


The season culminates with the Reebok CrossFit Games. At this point in the season, the field has been whittled down from the hundreds of thousands of athletes in the Open and Sanctionals to the world’s National Champions and the fittest 35 men, 35 women, 14 teams, 40 teenagers, and 120 masters. The CrossFit Games rank the world’s fittest and determine who is the Fittest on Earth.
At CrossFit GoldBox, we incorporate the Open workouts into our classes so members get a chance to experience it with one another – which further builds camaraderie within our community. This is a very exciting time of year as we always witness members push themselves to accomplish personal bests and physical feats they never imagined possible.