At GoldBox we designed a variety of classes, each with its own specific programming, for specific goals. Whether you are looking to gain muscle, lose weight or just maintain your current level, we have a class and program for you.

  • Workout of the Day

    Workout of the Day. The mainstay of our program, focusing on developing well rounded fitness, using constantly varied functional movements

  • PLUS

    Want to take the next step? Try a 2hr all RX class which will test you to your limits


    Take Off is for those members who is starting with CrossFit and need more attention on the movements. This is a scaled version of our WOD for the day


    Strength is a program focusing on improving all round strength through a variety of strength movements. Perfect for those wanting to gain muscle


    Improve your cardio and burn off calories. Endurance is a program where you focus on toning and losing weight


    Workout which involves doing exercises and movements which requires strength, flexibility, balance and control.


    A class dedicated to improving the Olympic Weightlifting movements (the snatch, clean and jerk)


    Using elements of CrossFit combined with Punches, Kicks, knees Elbows and ground and pound drills great for those wanting to add more variety

  • KIDS

    Youngsters from 10-15 years old are welcome to get a head start in the world of CrossFit with GoldBox Kids


    Workout where members can workout with their kids in the same class. Kids between the ages of 8 and 16 can join their parents in a workout

  • RUN

    OPEN class for both members and non-members every Friday to join in a 3km run around the Business Bay Canal with free training movements added between running distances varying in intervals and intensities.